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Hi, we are Deborah & Kenneth Samson of Little Anse, Richmond County, Nova Scotia.  We were born and raised here. 
We own a business named "D & K Bait Bags" which we operate out of our home.
Kenneth has been fishing most of his life, whether it be ‘long lining’, draggers, shrimp trawlers, mackerel, crab & lobster fishing, so was his father, grandfather etc....  I was working in fish plants and I also have done some lobster fishing.  Our ancestors have all made their living out of fishing.
Kenneth recognized the need for bait bags in the lobster traps as opposed to the spigots, where the predators have free reign to the bait as soon as the traps sits on the bottom of the sea.  The bait bags offer protection to the bait and it gives the lobster or crab a chance to feed off the bait especially if the traps soak for a few days.
We decided to see if this was something that we could do to help the fishermen. We looked, asked around, found and purchased some netting from trawlers, aquaculture sites etc, we washed, dried and cut the netting, then started sewing them in the fashion that our fathers did, with knots very tight and secure.  We also needed to get a hold of some rubber to place the drawstring into, to close the bags.  Kenneth found that the best rubber to do this was the side walls of tires (not steel-belted).

Kenneth, being inventive like he is, made a hydraulic press and cutters with a control system that worked perfectly without exhausting his arms and wrists.  He then decided to make a device that would punch holes in the center of the rubber and would pass the drawstring through so to close the bag to save time and energy and it worked also.  We again made samples and got great feedback from the fishermen.  We continue to make bags with new and recyclable materials.
We've been selling our bait bags to local fishermen.  We have hopes to get a broader reach of fishermen throughout Atlantic Canada and Northeastern USA through the Internet.  We also have done some custom orders, we will do our best to tailor our bait bags to your needs. 

Our hopes and aspirations are to work full time, earn a living from our business, and hire people in order to help them and our community.  We constantly look for used netting and non-steel belted car and truck tires.
Deborah Samson, D & K Bait Bags

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