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There are 5 reasons why you should purchase Crab and Lobster Bait Bags from D & K:

1. We will customize bait bags exactly to your specifications.
2. Our quality & durability is superior due to our traditional methods.
3. We use recycled materials.
4. We guarantee our workmanship.
5. The bags are Hand Made.

Customization - contact us for a quote

Many of our customers prefer to use sizes that are uncommon to commercial fishing supply shops. We pride ourselves on delivering you the bait bag of your choice. Since we are a small home business, we are able to take the time necessary to build you a bait bag of your choice.


Deborah and Kenneth take extra care in using traditional bait bag tying methods. Each square of netting has a traditional fisherman knot tied which reduces the chances of bait bags unraveling in the water and saving you valuable bait and fishing time. Large crab bags have a metal hook installed that allows you to suspend the bait bags from the trap.

Recycled Material - contact us if you know of any available netting, twine or tires

D & K Bait Bags use recycled netting, twine, and car tires. The netting is washed, dried, and stored for future hand-made bait bags. Rubber stoppers are made from used tires.


We stand behind our workmanship and product materials.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  We have been in operation since 2005 without any product returns.

Hand Made

We cut our netting by hand. We sew each bag with a traditional hand made fisherman knot. Kenneth made a jig out of one my chairs that we use to hold the bag while we sew. My mother and I spend many hours ‘drinking tea’ (a Cape Breton tradition) while sewing bait bags in our kitchen. It’s a labour of love!


“I fished with D & K Bait Bags for the last half of the season and I was impressed with the workmanship. The bags held up well against the constant pulling of the seals. I would not hesitate to purchase bags from Deborah and Kenneth again.”

  Paul Kehoe
Crab and Lobster Fisherman
Isle Madame, Cape Breton Island
"I just wanted to let you know that my brother in NB received the bait bags that we ordered...lickety split by the way! Excellent service. He says they're great.  THANKS! We love the fact that you're using recycled materials! Hey, I just watched your YouTube video by the way. Keep up the great work that you're doing. Will be a return customer once we use this order."


  Faith Davis
Avon, Indiana


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